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Christoph Hennevogel
Business owner | Marketing strategist
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Real, long-term success in online marketing is based on a targeted selection of systems.

Why? Focus is the key word.
In 12 years of experience in the digital sector with a wide variety of companies, we have clearly recognized one thing: Many paths lead to the goal, but only some are truly effective and sustainable.
Our realization?
True success begins with a thorough initial analysis and a well-considered digital strategy, focused on concrete, achievable results.
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Our workshops offer you deep insights into how we master digital challenges. Not only will you better understand your current problems, but you will also receive clear, actionable steps to success.
Specially developed for entrepreneurs, we show you what is standing in the way of your current challenges and how you can overcome them effectively. With precise step-by-step instructions, we equip you for guaranteed success.
Business Analysis
Problem finding
Solution finding
Conversion guide
#workshop nr. 1
Optimize your website for desired customers - automation and efficiency
Duration: 1 hour
In the workshop you get 3 things:
Focus on desired customers
Learn how to tailor your website to the needs of your ideal clientele.
Sales automation
Discover strategies to automate your sales, save time and plan your sales processes.
Practical implementation
Receive detailed instructions on how to make your products/services visible online.
Workshop contents:
  • Analysis and evaluation: We take a close look at your existing website or landing page and your products/services.
  • Target group work: We work out where your desired target group is online and how you can address them effectively.
  • Optimization tips: Benefit from tailored tips to optimize your website so that it attracts exactly the right customers.
  • Step-by-step instructions: You will receive clear instructions on how to implement the strategies you have learned in your company.
Start through and make your website a customer magnet!
#workshop nr. 2

Increase sales with Google & Facebook - without additional sales effort

Duration: 1 hour
In the workshop you get 3 things:
Targeted customer approach
Learn how to reach your exact target group with the help of Google & Facebook.
Automation & scaling
Discover how to automate your sales and increase your visibility in the market.
Practical application
Get detailed instructions for effective online sales and optimization of your website or landing page.
Workshop contents:
  • Product analysis: We evaluate and optimize the products/services you offer on your website.
  • Suitability test for advertising: Find out which of your offers are suitable for Google & Facebook advertising.
  • Target group focus: We develop strategies to specifically address your desired target group with Google & Facebook advertising.
  • Website optimization: Get tips on how to adapt your online presence for targeted advertising.
  • Step-by-step guide: We give you precise instructions on how to automate your online sales, including how to calculate the return on ad spend (ROAS).
Use the power of Google & Facebook, to your sales to increase - simply and efficient!
#workshop nr. 3
Find employees automatically - save time and money when recruiting
Duration: 1.5 hours
In the workshop you get 4 things:
Effective applicant search
Learn how to attract suitable applicants in a targeted manner.
Automation of employee recruitment
Discover methods to automate your recruitment process.
Building a strong employer brand
Strengthen your image as an employer and attract the best talent.
Cost efficiency
Find out how you can save significantly on employee recruitment.
What exactly do we do in the workshop?
  • Analysis of your current recruitment strategy: We evaluate your current methods and the presentation of your employer brand and identify potential for optimization.
  • Target group identification: We help you to identify your ideal candidates and find the right platforms for addressing them.
  • Overview of digital recruiting systems: Find out which digital systems are best suited to your company.
  • Step-by-step guide: Receive concrete instructions on how to implement digital recruiting systems and integrate them into your company.
Transform Your employee recruitment into an efficient, automated process!
#workshop nr. 4

Efficient digitization - save time and avoid problems

Duration: 2 hours
In the workshop you get 4 things:
Finding the right systems
Discover which digital solutions are best suited to your company.
Automation of work processes
Learn how to save time and money through automation.
Cost reduction through digitalization
Understand how efficient digital processes lead to cost savings.
More time for the essentials
Gain more time for important company tasks.
Workshop contents:
  • Analysis of your work processes: We identify which processes in your company can be automated.
  • Selecting digital systems: Get an overview of available digital systems and find out which ones are suitable for your company.
  • Practical implementation: We offer you detailed instructions on how you can use new digital processes to make work more efficient, save time and reduce costs.
  • Integration into your company: Learn how to implement these processes seamlessly in your company and get started right away.
Make the step to the digital efficiency and revolutionize your way of working!

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I would definitely recommend it to others! Your company is brilliant.
You guys make it so easy. My new hotel website is so much nicer and brings so many more bookings for my hotel than my old website. People feel more comfortable and my hotel marketing is going through the roof. Am "Top" satisfied 👍🏻
Martin Schwarzenbach
Owner Landhotel Schwarzenbach
As a service provider for advertising and Internet solutions, a reliable partner with good, target-oriented ideas that are implemented as quickly as possible. 5 stars and highly recommended.
Thomas Zellhuber
Managing Director Family Hotel Löwen
Recommended 👍🏻 very satisfied with the product and service - 6 years of cooperation always super performance.
Oliver Grießer
Managing Director GB Stahl & Blech GmbH
Very sympathetic and competent agency that always have a solution even for tricky problems. We are looking forward to further cooperation.
Wolfgang Sailer
Managing Director Moving Pictures GmbH

Customer experience

Here is a small sample of our brave customers who dare to be in front of the camera.
Andreas Kollmann
Best Butler business owner
Christoph and his team are really great. My FEWO website is perfectly optimized and my work processes run efficiently and quickly. I save a lot of time and my bookings explode.
Gabriela Capris
Business owner of GVS real estate
Sometimes you meet when no one thinks about it. And then... wonderful things come out of it. Thank you for all the little things you have done professionally for years to make our lives easier. We are very grateful for the moment we came together.
Christoph Leuschen
Managing Director Seeger Landscaping
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